Holistic Nanny 0659001026

Holistic Nanny 0659001026

Holistic Nanny 0659001026


We at happy babies are proud to say we step in when you need to step out.

We have qualified holistic nannies.

What is a holistic nanny?

Holistic nannies are dedicated to nurturing all aspects of the child’s

Development. This includes physical and mental wellbeing as well as the emotional, social and spiritual dimensions. This is achieved through building secure and responsive relationships with children and enabling them to be active participants in their learning by supporting child led play where they can. Follow their own interests and curiosities. Research has shown that by fostering holistic development in this way, especially social and emotional wellbeing, children are able to develop resilience, a strong find a sense of self-worth and a view of themselves as capable, competent and curious learners. I understand that it’s a huge undertaking to find nanny to invite into your home, who will n children nurture and care for your precious children, happy babies has people who have knowledge in and support attachment parenting. We have the perfect –fit with training background. Nannies who support a holistic a holistic approach. Nannies who have been trained in pedagogical models nannies who have pedagogical that advocate the development of the whole child

part time nanny

Book a part time Nanny


WE have great care providers spending several hours a day with children .while their parents  are not available

Job description

Preparing bottles

Changing diaper for babies

Bathing babies

Supervising baths for older babies

Washing and ironing clothes

Assisting with homework

We have well trained and educated nannies.Good in organisation and time management.

Enjoy being with children

Patient and have passion for children and be very reliable

Arranging play dates and social schedules

Planning children’s extra curricular activities

Keeping you informed of developmental progress

Preparation of meals

Ensuring children’s bedrooms are clean and tidy

Shopping for the household

Driving the children

Part time nannies may be able to travel with your family when required.


Baby foods Randburg

Baby foods Randburg

the new mothers in the country many of them don’t know what to feed their babies but worry not we are here to help you get the best meals for your new baby babies

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